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The plight of children in need of care have challenged society for decades. Attempts by people to address social problems crippling society have had limited success. The prevalence of poverty, violence, crime, drugs and alcohol abuse and HIV/AIDS continues to be areas of major concern. Many children from birth become victims of social evils facing society.


For the past 86 years the St Theresa‘s Children‘s Home has provided accommodation and care for orphaned and vulnerable children. The cottage system implemented at the Home provides an atmosphere where our boys feel part of a family unit. The primary concern is to ensure that the physical, psychological and emotional needs of our boys are met. The developmental programmes provided at the Home attempts to strengthen and promote the interests of our boys.


Individual and group counseling and therapy are undertaken daily with those boys who experience emotional and psychological difficulties. Educational and psychological assessments are undertaken on those who present with behaviour problems and academic difficulties. These assessments have ensured appropriate school placements and recommendations for psychiatric in-tervention.

As a priority, the Home attempts to reunify our boys with their biological and host families. In December 2010 twelve boys were returned to families in the community and 75 percent of our boys spent their holidays with host and biological families. The success of our reunification programme can be attributed to the tireless contributions in respect of recruitment made by our committed staff at St Theresa‘s Home. These placements in the community have not only assisted in the disengagement process but have addressed the sense of belonging, security and stability in our boys.

The quotation by Albert Schweitzer "sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by other human beings. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light.‖ clearly shows that behind every great person is a great encourager and that to attain success one needs the help and support of those who care."

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