St. Theresa's Home

Bloom in God's Love

Patrick Mei

An Amazing and Incredible Journey


It all began the day that I was taken together with my eldest brother, Abraham and younger brother Desmond from the Durban court to St Theresa's Home. I vaguely recall having been driven to St Theresa's. On arrival we were greeted by a Catholic nun whom we affectionately called, Mother Gabriel. She welcomed us with a great affection and assured us that we had come to the right place. Of course we shed many tears on parting with our home and our beloved mother. l was four years old at the time.

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David Ebrahim

St. Theresa's Home from my point of view


I, David Ebrahim came from Kliptown, Johannesburg South. My father was Muslim and my mother Catholic. My maternal grandmother was a member of the Sacred Heart Sodality and a very active member of the Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish of Kliptown.

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